Centre d'Information et d'Orientation

CIO : Attention: Premiere Students (and Parents) : Are You Planning to Apply to University in the US, UK or Canada?

The college counseling team at Jamhour invites you to register with us now.

Starting in April, we will help you plan and prepare for the significant challenge of applying to universities abroad.  Download the Jamhour College Application Handbook 2018-2019 to learn the basics, and plan to attend our “Getting Started” workshop. We will follow up in May with an evening meeting for students and parents to discuss the logistics and timetable you’ll need to follow, leaving plenty of time to answer all your questions at the end.  (Note that we strongly encourage parents to attend—this is a major decision which affects the entire family and your involvement is critical!)

Stay tuned—we’ll finalize dates and inform you ASAP. Make sure you have registered with us!

Shawna Zard, Taline Boladian, Jill Boutros

Attention: Students Planning to Apply to US Universities!

We have a lot of super events coming up to help Premiere students (and proactive 2nde students!) start thinking about colleges and applications. Put them in your calendar and make sure your parents know they are also invited.

May 17th, "US University Presentations, plus Q&A" 6-8 pm at the Irani Auditorium, IC (Advance Registration required--see below)

Don't miss admissions presentations by representatives of Columbia, Georgetown, Northwestern, Dartmouth and Vanderbilt universities, with time to meet them afterwards. NB: JAMHOUR HAS SECURED 15 PLACES AT THIS EVENT. YOU MUST CONTACT US TO ATTEND. PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO 1ERE STUDENTS AND PARENTS. 

CIO : Conférences : Le monde professionnel au Collège (13 mars au 8 mai 2018)

  • Tue 13 Mar -  Fine art and history - Mrs Taline Boladian
    Auctioneer & Director of BAKS Art Advisory
  • Tue 27 Mar- Philanthropy - Mrs Hasmig Khoury
    Head of Corporate Social Responsibility², Bank Audi
  • Tue 17 Apr - Communication & Entrepreuneurship - Mr Mario Thoumy
    Head of Communications & Co-owner, Crepaway
  • Tue 24 Apr - Web-platforms & Coding - Mr Karim Khoury
    Co-Founder & COO, E-ddress
  • Tue 8 May - Hotel Management & Culinary - Mrs Youmna Lucas
    Hospitality Consultant, Odema


Les rencontres auront lieu pendant la récréation de midi au Grand salon. Un temps d’échange suivra la conférence.


Join us in the Salle d'Academie on May 9th at 6 pm as we present Understanding the Application Process a workshop for students and parents who plan to apply to US and UK universities.

We'll discuss the logistics and timetable you'll need to follow, leaving plenty of time to answer all of your questions at the end. You'll hear about creating a college list, standardized testing, navigating the Common App, starting essays, letters of recommendation and financial aid, among other topics. A panel of current Terminale who just completed their process will be on hand to offer advice and suggestions as well.

Download the Jamhour College Application Handbook 2018-2019 to learn the basics, and come ready to ask questions. 

We strongly encourage parents to attend—this is a major decision which affects the entire family and your involvement is critical!

CIO : Des élèves de 1re visitent l’AUB (24/04/2018)

Une visite particulièrement intéressante !

Dans le cadre des visites des campus universitaires, le département d’information du CIO a organisé, le 24 avril 2018, la visite du campus de l’AUB, rue Bliss, Hamra.

 95 élèves de Première y ont passé plus de trois heures, selon un programme comprenant :

  • La projection d’un film sur les filières et les formations, les critères d’admission, les aides financières…
  • Une intervention du responsable du bureau d’admission, suivie d’un temps d’échange.
  • Un tour sur le campus avec la visite des facultés d’architecture, d’ingénierie, des sciences de la santé et la faculté de gestion.

CIO : L’USJ à Jamhour : Les avantages d’une formation en Sciences humaines aujourd’hui

Les Sciences humaines à l’honneur : lundi 26 mars 2018 à 12h10 - CIO

Les avantages d’une formation en Sciences humaines aujourd’hui

  • Mme Christine Babikian Assaf,
    Doyen de la Faculté des Lettres et des Science humaines
  • Mme Julie Tegho,
    Chercheuse-doctorante en Histoire-Relations internationales
  • M. Karl Akiki,
    Chef du département de Lettres françaises

CIO : US Universities to Visit Jamhour on March 22nd!

Attention: All interested 1re or 2de students

Come to the CIO to speak with university representatives on Thursday the 22nd of March from 12-1 pm! Eleven US universities will be visiting to talk with you one on one about your plans for college. This is your chance to ask all the questions you want to people who really know about US college life and all of its opportunities.  Be proactive about your future—see you there!

CIO : USJ, modes d’admission, les filières de formation (08/03/2018)

Information universitaire

M. Pierre Najem
Directeur du Service Etudiant d’Information et d’Orientation
Les modes d’admission, les filières de formation
Les bourses et les aides financières

à  l’Université Saint-Joseph (U.S.J)
le jeudi 8 mars 2018 à 12h15

En Salle d’Académie

CIO : Sorbonne (01/03/2018)

Information estudiantine

M. DAVID CHAMMAS (promo 2015)
étudiant en 3e année, double licence en Droit et Economie à la Sorbonne

La vie estudiantine et les modalités d’inscription à l’université Paris - Sorbonne -  France

Le jeudi 1er mars 2018 à 12h15 au C.I.O

CIO : Swiss Education Group-Suisse (01/02/2018)

Information universitaire

Directrice régionale de Swiss Education Group-Suisse
Les conditions d’admission et les filières de formation à

  • Cesar Ritz Colleges
  • Swiss Hotel Management School-SHMS
  • Hotel Institute Montreux – HIM
  • The Culinary Arts Academy
  • School of Hospitality & Design- IHTTI

en Suisse

le jeudi 1er février 2018 à 12h15 au C.I.O.

CIO : Sciences Po Paris (08/02/2018)

Information universitaire

Mme Marianne SHUCK
Chargée de mission à Sciences Po Paris
Les conditions d’admission et les formations à Sciences Po Paris
le jeudi 8 février 2018 à 10h